Turkish Events

There are thought to be roughly 100 plus Turkish events held within Turkey every year ranging from arts and films to music. These events are often held all over the country but perhaps some of the main ones that are popular internationally are in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya. Throughout the summer there are a large number of music festivals held within Istanbul such as the Pamukbank Dance Days which see some of the better known dance groups travel to Istanbul. There is also the Efes Pilsen Blues Festival is a popular festival for renowned blues and jazz groups. Other events include the Yapi Kredi Art Festival which holds a diverse range of music concerts including rock and roll as well as pop and classical music.


One of the oldest Turkish events is a festival that is held in Izmir under the Izmir International Fair. This is normally held sometime during the first few days of September. Initially it was the other musical and cultural events that occur at around the same time that were aimed at drawing in a bigger crowd to the event. However these days the festival has become a popular attraction in its own right. The Izmir International Fair is also known for hosting a number of other festival activities alongside the normal festival. The fair does not have a specific theme but the participants tend to just be required to show products that have a great potential to be either imported or exported. However throughout ever festival there does tend to be a certain activity, country and Turkish province that receives more of the focus.


Within 2006 fair organic farming and renewable energy sources were given the spotlight and received most attention. There were also participants to these Turkish events from Kazakhstan who were invited as the international guests as well as people from the Turkish province of Usak. There are specific areas that always receive great interest such as the automotive industry, electronic tools and electronics in general, working machinery and equipment as well as food items and packaging. At the 2006 fair it is estimated that around 80 thousand meter squares of trade fair space will be utilised. The venue of the event is in Kulturpark in the city quarters that were damaged in 1922 through fire. However it has been discussed that the fair could be relocated to a site in Gaziemir.