Turkish Family

A typical traditional Turkish family tends to be separated into several types depending on the social, economic and local conditions. In a more old fashioned family it is common for the extended family to all live together and this can often involve up to three generations. These days this does tend to be viewed as a more dated way of living and for this reason it is not as common as it once was. Replacing this is what is commonly known as a nuclear family in which it is just the wife, husband and their unmarried children who share a home together. As with many families it is often the case that each family member will take on a certain role and have chores or duties to complete. For example traditionally it would be the father who would work and provide an income whilst the wife would look after the home and family. Of course these days the roles may be reversed or the husband and wife may take an equal share in the responsibilities.


Children within the Turkish family will also have their own roles and will be required to contribute to the housework and daily chores. When they are older they may also be asked to contribute rent money. In the more traditional Turkish families it is usually the man who will have the most authority, however these days women also get a say and have equal rights. Within Turkish society marriage is still deemed to be a special family occasion. It is thought that roughly 40% of marriages in Turkey are civil and that 50% will be civil and religious. In Turkey if you wish to marry you must legally be over 15 if you are female and over 17 if you are male.


For Turkish women today the traditional roles of old are the same. Women these days will often work to help support their family and this is true in both cities and smaller rural areas. Although some of the older generation perhaps feel this should not be the case it is just as common to see a women in a high powered job as it is a man. Many women support their Turkish family but holding positions such as a bank manager, doctor or a lawyer. Turkish society now recognises women as being able to hold important positions however despite this there are still some who do not feel that women should have these roles.