Sitemiz dahil olmak üzere Türk arkadaşlık sitelerine dadanarak, ciddi evlilik ve arkadaşlık teklifinde bulunup, kolayca size telefon numarasını veren veya numaranızı isteyen daha sonra da para istemeye çalıştığından şüphelendiğimiz Bulgar Romen Türk kızlarının elde edebildiğimiz resimleri ve telefon numaraları aşağıdadır. Bu kişilerin profillerini hemen sildik ama lü… Read all

Turkish Gold

It is thought that the world’s first coins were Greek but as this particular area of origin is now part of Turkey there is a long history of Turkish gold coins dating back to around 2,000 years. Due to this lengthy history there have been a great number of different denominations of gold coins made. There are not a great many people who collect the older style of coins since many use the Ar… Read all

Turkish Folk Music

As with the majority of folk music it tends to be a way to tell stories and this is no different for Turkish folk music or for that matter Turkish classical music. In the main these folk songs often tell of daily life either as a work song, telling a story, love song, or as a song to dance to. You will often find that the actual subject matter for the song itself is a reflection of the way th… Read all

Turkish Family

A typical traditional Turkish family tends to be separated into several types depending on the social, economic and local conditions. In a more old fashioned family it is common for the extended family to all live together and this can often involve up to three generations. These days this does tend to be viewed as a more dated way of living and for this reason it is not as common as it once … Read all

Turkish Events

There are thought to be roughly 100 plus Turkish events held within Turkey every year ranging from arts and films to music. These events are often held all over the country but perhaps some of the main ones that are popular internationally are in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya. Throughout the summer there are a large number of music festivals held within Istanbul such as t… Read all

Turkish Education

The Turkish Education System is a state run system to provide children and young adults with the best possible level of education. Under the system it states that those aged 7-14 receive 8 years of primary education and 14-18 year olds three or more years of high school education. Although around 95% of students will go to a public school it is not uncommon for some to seek a private educatio… Read all