Turkish Football

There are a number of popular Turkish football club teams as far as football is concerned but the national team is still the most important. The first ever match played by the national team was versus Romania in 1923. In the World Cup competition they have only managed to qualify for the finals on three occasions in 1950, 1954, and 2002. Unfortunately the team did not make an appearance in 19… Read all

Turkish Capital

The Turkish capital is known as Ankara and is the second largest city in the country following Istanbul. Ankara has a rich history which has been left by many of the civilisations that have inhabited it over time. This includes the Hittites, Phyrgians, Lydians and Persians as well as the Galatians. Prior to October 1923 the capital city of Turkey was Istanbul but Ankara was declared as the ne… Read all

Turkish Books

If you are thinking about going travelling, on a short break or just want to learn more about Turkey then purchasing Turkish books is a great idea. These days you can find books on almost any subject and they can help you learn the language as well as give you an insight into the culture of the country. Most good bookshops will stock a decent range of books but for something a little more spe… Read all

Turkish Blue Mosque

Istanbul's most famous mosque is known as the Turkish Blue Mosque not because of the colour from the outside but because of the blue tiles inside on the upper level. It is definitely worth a visit if you are staying nearby but bear in mind that it is still a working mosque so it will be closed during the five daily prayers as well as on the Muslim holy day. History states that the Mosque was … Read all
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TurkishDirect is going to organise the first ever Turkish Speed Dating party in London, UK. This is planned to be done in Mid or End of July 2011 and our speed dating expert is working on organising a wonderful event for eligible Turkish singles in and around London.The venue will be a top class central London location and there will be great Turkish & European music after the speed dating eve… Read all