Turkish Meze

Turkish meze is similar to hors d'oeuvres or appetizers and are generally served before a meal. They are often accompanied by either wine or raki and the main aim of meze is to arouse the appetite for the main meal. There are many different kinds of meze and often the main meal to follow will dictate the type that is served. Some examples of meze that may be served include gozleme, fried aube… Read all

Greek Turkish

Greek Turkish relations go back a long way and have in the past generally been marked by broken periods of hostility over the years. In 1821 Greece finally became independent from the Ottoman Empire and ever since this time there have been a number of wars which have seen Greece and Turkey face each other. The first of these was in 1897 and was the Greco-Turkish War followed by the Balkan W… Read all

Turkish Personals

These days’ Turkish personals sites are becoming more popular then ever as they can be a great way to find new friends and/or love. In fact the number of people who are getting married as a result of meeting on these sites is on the increase which speaks volumes! You will find that there are many Turkish men and women who have signed up to these personals sites which means you are sure to m… Read all
Bize gelen emaillerden bazilarini tamamen asagiya kopyaladik:(These are some of the emails we received, we simply copied their messages)Profilinin silinmesini rica ediyorum çünkü ben burdan evlenecegimiz esimi buldum sitenizin sayesinde teşekkürler siteye emegi geçenlere sayenizde iki kisi daha mutlu sona erdi darasi diğer es arayanlaraHasanIsvicreI want to deleate my profile because i hav… Read all

Turkish Toy Boys

Every year thousands of tourists come to Turkey on holiday but if you are a single woman then beware of Turkish toy boys! When you are on holiday it is all too easy to fall in love with the beautiful scenery, the lifestyle and the country in general but it is important that you always keep your wits about you. You will no doubt have seen the many magazines and television documentaries about w… Read all

Turkish Wife

In a traditional Turkish family it is normal for the Turkish wife and other members of the family to have their own roles. It was once common for all of the family and the extended family to all live together and share the same house. However these days this is not considered the norm and families tend to live as a nuclear family i.e. simply the wife, husband and their unmarried children who … Read all